“Wochenendkrieger” means “weekend warrior” in English. It is the title of the documentary film by Andreas Geiger about Live Action Role Playing. It portraits five players and shows their roles on the battlefield and in their private life.

For this 90-minute-documentary, the goal was to create four animated clips. It begins with the title sequence, which introduces the magical “Auental” to locate the characters on the map and their fights between each other on the battlefield:

- Chris as “Aneisha Fey, the mistress of the emptyness”
- Dirk as the “Lord of the Undead”,
- Gergor as the “Archmage Lamathiel”,
- Nicole as the “Queen of elves” and
- Sven as the “Gardener of the greasy pestilence”

I created all the elements, from the basic design of the maps and the characters, to the tracking shots and special effects. I drew them by hand, colored them with water colours, digitalised them and placed them into three dimensional space. The camera movements were set with a 3D program, imported into AfterEffects to animate the moving characters and special effects. After delivering my work to “Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduction”, the animation was, then, placed in the overall documentary film and sound effects were added.
Andreas Geiger

Illustration, Photoshop, Cinema4D,
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